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Seal Coating your parking lot or driveway is an inexpensive way to protect and extend the life of your structure.  We carry the highest quality sealant possible with the perfect mix of the best additives for the East Coast climate.  Seal Coating protects the integrity of your asphalt, keeping it safe from sun and rain, traffic damage, reduces cracks, protects against oil and gas spillage, and prevents deterioration.  Routine maintenance of your driveway can more than double the life of your asphalt.


Professional line striping is a must for most commercial asphalt owners and managers.  Nothing tops off a freshly seal coated surface like bright line striping.  Anchor Paving and Seal Coating offers line striping, numbering, arrows, curb painting, stencils, and ADA compliant handicap requirements.


Structural cracking of your asphalt surface can be devastating to the longevity of your parking lot or driveway.  While cracks in asphalt are inevitable, proper repair and maintenance will limit the damage and prevent further deterioration (like potholes).


Repairs and renovations to existing asphalt and concrete structures such as uneven pavement, divots, cracks, and broken edges, allows your surface to feel new again.


• New installations and resurfacing

• Snow removal from roofs,

• Residential driveways,

• Driveway Paving Side

• Resurfacing Replacement

• Patch Work

• Basketball Courts

• Tennis Courts

• Concrete Patios

• Concrete Sidewalks

• Custom Paving Work

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